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Pre-cast items

We proudly deliver to a 20 mile radius of Paxton IL including Paxton, Rantoul, IL, Gibson City, IL, and Hoopeston, IL.


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Concrete Block

Concrete Brick     840 per pallet

2" Solids                288 per pallet

4"x8"x16" Common

4"x8"x16" Solid     108 per pallet

6"x8"x16" Common

6"x8"x16" Solid     108 per pallet

8"x8"x16" Common 90 per pallet

8"x4"x16" Half High


8"x8"x16" Split Face

8"x8"x16" SF Corner

Stepping Stones:



18x18 Brick

18" Diam.

18" Hex.

18x18 Cobble

18x9 Cobble

18x24x218" Picture

Splash Block

Parking Block

Parking Block w/drain

Parking Block w/drain

Pole Pads

Rain Drain

Catch Basins:

24" wo/bottom

24" w/bottom

36" wo/bottom

36" w/bottom

48" wo/bottom

48" w/bottom


30"x3" (solid)

30"x4" (solid)

30"x4" w/holes

20"x3" (solid)

20"x3" w/holes



Grade Rings:

30" outside Diam. 24" inside Diam.


2' long

6"x8"x8" Half Block